system-99 user-group (snug)

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copy-c_pd.dsk v1.8a   de Universal Diskette Copier with track facility (PD-Version) © Ch. Winter
copy-c_pd.pdf     en Manual for Copy-C
dsrldr3.p99 v3.09 2005-05-16 en Load program for Flash-DSR of the newer SNUG cards. This program supports other than ATMEL such as different other Flash Types from Winbond, MOSelVitelic and SST.
dsrldr3.pdf     en Instructions for DSR-Loader 3 including a list of supported Flash-EEPROMs
dsrscan.p99 v0.17 2009-01-21 de DSR and Module information read and displayed. Requires an 80-column card.
dsrscan.pdf     en Instructions for DSR-Scanner     en When the original-TI Diskette controller encounters protection bits in the FDS and cannot remove them, this program removes them.
hsgpk.p99     de HSGPL control program in files for installing in the DSR
ramlader.p99 v0.11 2011-11-26 de Loader for Assembler programs as uncompressed, absolute origin Objectcode via RS232, runs completely in the PAD-Ram of the SGCPU (>8000 bis >82FF)
mfm.p99 v0.03 2007-10-30 de Terminal program with dual operations and XMODEM file transfer. Entirely machine program, not an XB-Hybrid (BETA!) Requires an 80-column card.
mfm2.pdf     en Manual for MFM2 v0.03   de GROMs 0,1,2 in Banks 0 und 1 of the HSGPL to restore the default values
tms9902.exe v1.1.16   de Windows program to calculate the communications parameters and register bits of the TMS9902 and TMS9903 chips
tichar.exe v1.0.6   de Windows program as help for character definitions on the TI. The character set data can by means of an intermediate file be taken to another program

Memory-Manager v3.30 2001-01-12 de Memory-Manager 3.0 - © Ch. Winter & H.Glaab
mm30.pdf     en Complete instructions for Memory-Manager 3.0
mm30kurz.pdf     en Quick reference for Memory-Manager 3.0
mm-eprog.p99 v1.59 1989-10-14 de Memory Manager Auxiliary Software for the control of the EPROM programming device EPROG 27011
mm-eprog.pdf     en Instructions for MM-EPROG
mm-sound.p99 v1.21 1989-10-15 de Memory manager Auxiliary Software for building a sound list.
mm-sound.pdf     en Instructions for MM-SOUND
mm-blprog.p99 v1.25 1990-08-24 de Memory Manager Auxiliary Software for the control of the EPROM programming device from Michael Becker und Dieter Lotze
mm-tiprog.p99 v1.07 1989-04-10 de Memory Manager Auxiliary Software for the conrol of the EPROM programming device from TI-Revue 6/85 and 7/85
mm-tiprog.pdf     de Instructions for MM-TIPROG
mm-stprog.p99 v1.08 1990-10-11 de Memory Manager Auxiliary Software for the control of the EPROM programming device from TI-Revue with modifications by Jürgen Stelter
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