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HRD 16 - High-Speed RAMdisk

  • First Edition: 1998
  • Software compatible with the Horizon 4000 (tm) Ramdiskseries.
  • Expandable up to 3 Megabytes (which is more than 9 Ramdisks of 1440 Sectors)
  • In combination with the SGCPU transfer speed is doubled through the 16-bit Bus
  • DSR can be also placed in Eproms (not possible with actual Horizon ROS)
  • Backup power is through a Lithium battery (min. 5 years)
  • Better file security through a new method of reset switching.
  • Usable with the original Console or SGCPU
  • Price: Sold out
hrd16_en.pdf     en Complete instructions for the HRD 16
hrd16sav_en.p99 v1.10 2008-10-24 en Program image of HRD 16 with SCSI drive access included
hrd16sav_en.pdf     en Instructions for HRD16SAV
hrdm739.p99 v0.12 2002-05-14 de A slightly better version of the Horizon RAMdisk menu with 80-column support for a variable GROM base
hrdm739e.p99 v0.12 2015-01-12 en English Version, patched by Bob Carmany
hrdm739_en.pdf     en Instructions for HRD menu 7.39
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