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On this Homepage used File Formats

.bin Binary file, mainly used for DSR Eproms Hex-Editor, for example: Memory Manager 3.0
.dsk Disk image in v9t9 format. All sector are in series without auxiliary control data. Different Emulators like MESS, TI99W, V9T9
Disk Tools like TI99DIR
.exe An executable program on the PC with Windows -
.jpg Picture File Most programs that use picture displays or art work on a PC will be started in Windows and use this File format
.p99 Binary Files with a TIFILES Header Transfer from the PC through a terminal program, TI-IBM or Magic File Manipulator.
By removing the first 128 bytes of the file (for example with Memory Manager 3.0 ) you can run the remaining binary file
.pdf Document format, for use with a PC Display program for PC can be downloaded here
.txt Text file in ASCII-Format It is necessary for the chosen text-editor, for the TI99 to be able to handle the special characters.
.zip Compressed file format, in which different files in various categories can be combined. The diverse programs can be unpacked with, for example, with Winzip
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