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BwG - Diskcontroller

  • First Edition: 1990
  • Diskette Controller with Double-sided, Double-density capability
  • Supports up to four disk drives
  • Step rate is selectable
  • On-board clock software is compatible with the Triple Tech Card from CorComp.
  • Time stamp for each file in the FDS.
  • Display of the date and time on the Titlescreen
  • Emulation of the offered DSDD-Formats from Texas Instruments (16 Sectors per track)
  • Usable with the original Console or SGCPU
  • Building through the lack of WD1773 is no longer possible
    Price: sold out
(bwg.jpg) v1.18 2001-05-12 - DSR for the BwG-Disk Controller, Epromburner and 'GAL BwG1 v4.0' required!
BwG.pdf     en Complete Instructions for the DSR of the BwG Controller
php1245.pdf     - Schematics of the BwG-Controller
hrdm738.p99     en For BwG Controller an adapted HRD Menu (v7.38) - BwG-DSR 1.18 required!
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