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ASCSI - Advanced SCSI Card

  • First Edition: 1997
  • Compatible with the WHTECH SCSI-Controller
  • Up to 7 SCSI-drives is supported, with the actual DSR with a capacity of up to 248MB per drive
  • Other SCSI devices (CD-Rom, Streamer ...) are supported but the actual DSRs are not available.
  • High speeds through P-DMA
  • Easy update of the DSR through FLASH-EPROMS
  • Usable with the original Console or SGCPU
  • Price: Sold out
bank7.p99 v1.02 2002-08-09 - Required for the P-DMA rewritten Bank7 of the Original DSR, MACH ASCSI2 v2.06
scsirun.p99 v0.07 2001-03-23 de Catalog and EA5-Loader for ASCSI
ascsi_en.pdf     en Instructions for the ASCSI
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